Klingon Rule

It is important to be above reproach in the social media world. That includes emails. This article caught my eye and reminded me of the importance of being careful what I write that will go out into cyberspace.


The ease of dashing off an email is both a convenience and a deadly snare.

Emails are not as public as a Twitter tweet, but can lead to grief for the unwary. We’ve all heard the horror stories of the jokester who says something outrageous intended for the eyes of a friend, and then hits the “Reply All” button by mistake.

Because there’s always the chance that an email might go astray, the best practice is what I call the “Klingon rule”: Don’t say anything in an email that you don’t want a third party to read.  (I think it was General Chang in StarTrek VI who said he never uttered anything he wouldn’t want to be overheard. Klingons are always under surveillance.) Click here to learn more.