Vegetarian Recipes For Writers

Vegetarian Recipes


Today’s featured article lists some great vegetarian recipes. I thought it would be fun to share them with my vegan writer pals. That mac and cheese looks delicious. Have your ever made rice cakes? Hop on over to the link below and check out the website. You might even find a recipe for dinner!


When VT asked readers to nominate and vote for their favorite vegetarian dishes in our first online restaurant poll, we didn’t know what would turn up. Complicated creations from high-end establishments? Simple tofu scrambles from breakfast joints? We were open to anything—and got a little bit of everything. The winners range from comfort food to haute cuisine, and showcase some of the best vegetarian eateries in the country.The one thing they all have in common? An undying commitment to local, sustainable, organic, and, of course, vegetarian lifestyles—something we think should be on every menu, every day. Click here for more.