1966 Prom Dress


I loved this article that I am featuring today. It is a fun story and even shows sports a photo of a prom gown from 1966!


After being invited to West High School’s senior prom in Madison, Wisconsin by Jim Wilson, Martha “Marti” Hall set out to choose a dress, one of the biggest decisions in her young life. She decided to make her own gown, driving 45 minutes to New Glarus for the fabric.

At Swiss Miss Fabrics, an outlet for a lace factory and one of the best fabric stores in the region, Marti chose this unique ice blue embroidered fabric. On the night of the big event her parents, like many others before and since, photographed the couple in their living room.  After holding on to these souvenirs of her adolescence for over thirty-five years, Marti decided to donate them to the Wisconsin Historical Society in 2004. Click here to read the rest of this interesting article and to see the picture of the gown.

This link provides additional information.




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