History of Corsages and Boutonnieres

Here is a general history of the corsage.

A corsage used to refer to the bodice of a woman’s dress and because most often women had a bouquet adorned in the center of their dress, that bouquet became known as the corsage. Similar to the boutonniere, corsages were worn to ward off evil spirits, but they were also worn at weddings. The corsage has traveled a long way from the bodice of a woman’s dress. They are now most commonly worn pinned to the shoulder, or attached to an elasticized band worn around the wrist. In the 1950’s, some were made of fruit and were commonly worn as a decoration on hats. Click here to read the rest of the article.


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These days, a corsage is worn at a special event or occasion. Likewise a  boutonniere (button hole) is worn on the collar or top pocket of a gentleman’s  jacket at similar festive events.

However, the history of the corsage and boutonniere could not be further  removed. Both of these items began life as a form of military heraldry. Even  more strangely, they were completely unofficial in use and their development  into the items we know today makes a fascinating history. Click here to read the rest of this interesting article.

Hope you enjoyed our look back in history and how some of our traditions became what they are today.

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