Thinking On A Genre


My online writing pal is running an article today that is thought provoking and deals with a genre that is not talked about enough in some circles.



By H.G. Ferguson, Author of New Blood

It was college.  We were in the TV room watching a movie about modern-day gargoyles marauding in the New Mexico desert.  It wasn’t a great movie, but the makeup was cutting edge, especially the Head Gargoyle with his classic Satanic visage and horns.  He was seated on a throne, king over all he surveyed.  Another student happened to pass by, took one single look at the monstrosity on the small screen and imperiously declared:  “DEMONIC!”  And walked out.

          Would it have made any difference to this young man that the movie was loosely based upon Paradise Lost, with a narrator at the beginning explicitly establishing the gargoyles’ hatred of humanity as but another expression of their father Satan’s hatred for the Lord? Click here to read the rest of the article.


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