Blooming Cactus


Yes, you read the title correctly. Since I am featuring flowers and gardening this month, I thought it would be fun to focus on blooming cactus plants. They are pretty and bloom in desert climates or on the prairies.

This link provides photos of cactus blooming in Arizona. Click here to view the gorgeous pictures.

Did you know that a number of cacti bloom at night?

Regardless of genus or species, night-blooming cereus flowers are almost always white, often large, and frequently fragrant. Most of the flowers open after nightfall, and by dawn, most are in the process of wilting. The plants that bear such flowers can be tall, columnar, and sometimes extremely large and tree-like, but more frequently are thin-stemmed climbers. While some night-blooming cereus are grown indoors in homes or greenhouses in colder climates, most of these plants are too large or ungainly for this treatment, and are only found outdoors in tropical areas.Click here to learn more.

I remember seeing cactus plants bloom on the prairies. The yellow flowers were a lovely addition to the tall grasses.

Do you enjoy a blooming cactus?



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