Creating A Writing Resume

Yes, it is important to keep a running resume of writing projects that a writer has completed. Freelance writers who write for a living really need to keep on top of this document. Perhaps you like to keep a master resume of every writing project you have done. Then when you are putting together a specific resume for a company, you can cut and paste from the main resume and have a fresh, current resume in a matter of minutes. That is what I like to do.

Today’s post features more tips on writing a resume.

A common question newbie freelancers have is: what kind of resume should I give a potential client? Unlike a traditional corporate letter, a writing resume is usually arranged to highlight subject area rather than years on a certain job. Many freelance writing ads request a certain type of response, and writers need to follow this request to the letter in order to be considered. Click here to read the rest of the article.



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