Contemporary Novel Setting


I write contemporary fiction. I have been mulling over the idea of writing a fiction novel where the setting was an old lighthouse. I found this lighthouse to be especially interesting.

“Seven-acre Indian Island, off Beauchamp Point at the east side of the entrance to the harbor, was named because local Native Americans took refuge there during the French and Indian War. The island was sold to the U.S. government for a light station by Silas Piper for $25 in 1849, and Congress appropriated $3,500 for a lighthouse. Although it was never located at Beauchamp Point, the station was often identified as the Beauchamp Point Lighthouse in early documents.” Click here to read more.

Perhaps the title Mystery at Indian Island would be a great title. I love old lighthouses. The lighthouse on Indian Island is now privately owned. I did find the historical account of the light house interesting.



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