Weekend Writing Tip

Hello Readers,

How long should a paragraph be? What constitutes a great paragraph? Today I want to focus on writing tips. I found this article helpful and perhaps my writer friends will as well.

“The determination to make in composing a given paragraph is not the number of sentences or words or letters, but the number of ideas. The rule of thumb — in nonfiction, at least — is that each paragraph should focus on one idea or concept; when you shift to a new idea, shift to a new paragraph. (In fiction, its function is more nebulous: A paragraph is a unit of writing that further develops a story through exposition.)

However, ideas, as we all know, are slippery things, difficult to package and unlikely to remain in their allotted places. How big or small is an idea? What about an idea within an idea?

Ultimately, a paragraph is complete when you decide it is.” Click here to read the rest of this helpful article.