More Tips on Writing a Mystery Novel

Hi Readers,

Today’s link focuses on tips for mystery novel writing. There are ideas for chosing first or third person viewpoint. I like that the author discusses creating believable characters.

I think the most helpful hint from this link is to write every day. That is so important.

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2 thoughts on “More Tips on Writing a Mystery Novel

  1. Hi folks: this is a great article. I’ve has been feverishly writing on a new novel, setting herself a goal of 2 chapters a day. My goal is to have the story done by Oct 15th. While most of the words will probably need to be replaced with something less passive, less gerund-y, less -ly, more active, more emoting, at least I’m getting the story down.

    • Nice work Donna. You have been very busy. I appreciate your feedback on my link to the mystery novel craft post. I hope you can meet your writing goals. Just remember that no matter how busy you are, a gal still needs to take the time to smell the roses and paint her nails in a fun color.

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