Cat Rescue Part Four

What to look for

Before you decide to adopt from a breeder, you need to consider several factors:

$          Why do you want this particular breed? Do your homework regarding how this cat will fit into your household.  If you have some experience with this breed, then you already know much about the characteristics and mannerisms that make one breed a better fit in the household than another.  Talk to people who own the breed you’re considering.  Talk to your veterinarian about behavioral and health consideration of this breed if you’re not personally familiar with it.

$          Is your home big enough? Do you have enough room for this new cat to play, exercise, and sleep, without it feeling like it is still caged?

$          Coat type – are you prepared to groom, or have it groomed? Long hair cats don’t shed more than short hairs – it just looks that way.  Is this a coat that will shed, or will it have to be clipped?

$          Indoor vs. outdoor cat – breeding cats have been kept indoors all their lives.  Many are declawed.  Are you prepared to keep them indoors all the time? If not, this is probably not the best way for you to acquire a new pet.

$          Existing pets – consider how you expect the newcomer to be assimilated into the household.  For this, you need to take into account not only the mannerisms and personality of the newcomer, but also of any existing pets.

$          Amount of time you have – while adopting an adult cat does not require the same amount of time and energy as adopting a kitten, there will be additional demands on your time to assimilate it into your household.  This additional time includes: socialization; setting house rules; acclimatizing to existing pets; grooming, cleaning, and feeding.