How to Write Articles

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Today I’m featuring author, Cec Murphy. He has a website that is loaded with information for writers. Cec has written numerous books and articles. I would recommend his site to folks who want to hone their writing skills.

“Call it editing, revising, or polishing, it means you work on the article until
it’s the best you can do.

As I wrote earlier, I wrote 18 full drafts of
my first article. After that, I revised each a few times. Perhaps 15 on the
second article (I no longer remember). By then, I had gained knowledge on how to
write. I continued working to improve.

I still write occasional articles
and I go through the same steps, but I write fewer drafts. I rarely go beyond
the third draft. Even on the third, it really is polishing and not editing.” Click here to read the rest of the post. Cec has some great tips for writers.

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