H.G. Ferguson Author of New Blood: Book 1 of The Calling of the Blood

Don’t you just love Fridays?
It has been fun getting to know author, H.G. Ferguson this week. This is the last installment in this series about H.G.’s writing process.
Since I signed, the journey continues.
          Why a vampire?  And why a Christian vampire?  Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?
          If I were dealing with the supernatural in this mythos, yes, it would be.  But Rebecca is not supernatural.  The only thing supernatural about her is the power of her Lord Jesus Christ in her life.  Rebecca is a human being, albeit a very unique one.  A mutant, if you will.  She is driven to drink human blood because she has to.  It’s her physiology.  It is her affliction.  It is her “infirmity,” as she calls it.  How can a Christian live with this?  Read the book. 
          Today’s vampire lit and movies present vampirism as something cool.  Being a vampire is cool.  Being a vampire makes you powerful. Don’t you want to be a vampire too and embrace the darkness?  In my mythos, there’s nothing exciting about being a vampire.  Rebecca does use her “powers” to help others, but she always pays a price, for when the Blood calls, the Vampire must answer.  Being a vampire is an affliction she must live with every single day of her life.  There’s nothing cool about it.  And it isn’t something she can pass on to another person unless she bears a child and that child is born like her.  In fact, she never wants to bear a child.  She wants this THING to die with her.  She will not get that wish, however…  Nor would she ever desire to make ANYONE what she is, even if she could. Click here to read the rest of the interview.
    Here are the links for H.G.’s information.

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