New Blood by H.G. Ferguson

Dear Readers,
Thursday brings us part four of our series about author H.G. Ferguson. This series is posted on my online writer friend’s blog. Hope you enjoy it.
To shorten things, in March of 2010 another good friend of mine, fellow Christian writer Donna Schlachter, came down here to the local ACFWA chapter and spoke.  I went with her.  She had read the Jezebelle story (!) and gave me some good critical feedback on it.  She had also told me she knew a Christian EDITOR, not agent, who was forming a new company in Colorado Springs and was looking for “edgier” stuff.  I promised Donna I would make a submission.  Donna gave herself as a reference.
          On March 31, 2010, I sent a query email to Kristine Pratt of Written World Communications re Rebecca.  I fully expected, indeed, was dead certain to get a nice GO AWAY response the next day.
          The next day I did get a response.  Kristine was “personally delighted” because she loves both history and vampires and was intrigued with the story premise.  And she was handing it over to the editor who handles the “weird stuff,” i.e., Other Sheep.
          After I picked myself up off the floor and stopped gibbering and drooling, I again began pounding on God’s door.  Two weeks later I was asked to send a proposal and three chapters.  I did.  The next day the editor, Dale Hansen, asked to see the entire manuscript.  I sent it.  Two days after that, or thereabouts, he told me he was taking it to their editorial board. Click here to read the rest of the story.

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