H.G. Ferguson, Guest Author

Dear Readers,

My online  friend is running an interesting series by published author, H.G. Ferguson. Today is part two.


After writing Jezebelle – I finished it about a year later, it was a tough, tough project – I felt so polluted inside from making the main character SO THOROUGHLY EVIL I had to write about someone the total OPPOSITE of the vain, cruel, selfish, proud, life-annihilating MONSTER I had created. And then another image gradually came into my mind – about February/March of 2008. This time instead of a voluptuous beauty I saw a slight, pale, petite young-looking woman in a black cloak and hood also walking through the night – lifting up a voice that rivals the angels in Latin Gregorian chants of praise to God. Sweet, gentle, humble, selfLESS, no great beauty, with haunting eyes, pale complexion – deathly pale – speaking in the musical tones of the Welsh – and her name came to me, almost as if I heard it spoken: REBECCA.

And after this image, I remembered an idea I had BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL WHEN I WAS
17 YEARS OLD – and virtually THE ENTIRE STORY FLASHED BEFORE MY EYES.  I knew where it was going and what its
elements would be.  I wasn’t exactly sure
how it would end, but I knew the story from that very
moment. Click here to finish the interview.

Here are the links for H.G.’s information.

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