Historical Markers

Hello Readers,

My online writing buddy was featured on a large national writers website. I thought I would feature her post today for my readers.

There we were, hurtling down the road at about seventy-five miles an hour at ten o’clock at night, when I uttered those words my husband has come to dread: “Oh, look, a historical marker one mile ahead on the right.”

He sighed and nodded. We paced off the mile and watched for the next sign. He slowed the car and pulled off the highway. I focused my camera in the general direction of where I thought the marker stood, and finally located the sign. Click! went the camera, and we were off again, racing down the road in the pitch darkness.

As we traveled along, I retrieved the photo and read what text. In this case, it was the story of a small town in Texas that lasted only about five years because the townspeople couldn’t get title to their land.

Hmmm – might make an interesting plot for a book. Click here to read the rest of the article.