Run-In Lists for Writers

Dear Readers,

Sometimes when I write a sentence I have a particular goal in mind. It is easy to have a run-in list while writing non-fiction. Today’s post deals with when to divide sentences to make more sense and the proper use of punctuation to eliminate run-in sentences. I found the directions simple and helpful. The link also includes samples of run-on sentences and how to fix them.

A run-in list is one that is incorporated into the body of a sentence, rather than formatted as a numbered, unnumbered, or bulleted list with each item on a separate line. Such a list, unfortunately, often invites errors when writers don’t attend to interrelationships among the items or become intimidated into believing that organizing the items is more complicated than it really is. Here are three types of errors introduced into run-in lists and how to remedy them.  Click here to read more.