Cat Rescue 101 Part One

So, you’ve decided that there is something missing in your household.  The pitter, patter of little feet on the stairs.  Early morning feedings.  Late night bedtime snacks.

No, I’m not talking about children.  I’m talking about the joys of owning a cat.  Cats can bring you much pleasure and entertainment.  They are wonderful company, particularly for the single person, in whatever stage of life, be it young adulthood or senior years.  Stroking a purring cat has been shown to lower blood pressure.  Cats are being used as therapy in senior residential settings, as well as for the  physically and mentally challenged.

Cats don’t require the same level of exercise or space that a dog does, you don’t have to walk them in foul weather, and they will interact with you more than a bird or a fish.  All in all, I consider the cat to be the optimal pet, particularly for city dwellers.

There are any number of places to acquire a cat, once you have made the decision.  You can probably find a friend whose cat just had a litter.  You can buy your kitten at a local pet store.  You can adopt your cat from an animal shelter.  Or, you can contact a breeder and adopt an adult purebred cat that has outlived its usefulness in the breeding industry.  At the end of this article you’ll find a list of breeders and rescue organizations who specialize in rescuing purebred cats.  Some of the available cats will have been used specifically for breeding purposes, while some will have been in a household situation, and now require a new owner for any number of reasons.  Other sources include your local SPCA, animal shelter, and veterinarians.