Counterfeit Honor Book Description

I’m featuring the description on my book Counterfeit Honor for today’s post.
Counterfeit Honor Book description: It is Denver in 1956, and the recently endorsed Democratic presidential candidate, Thomas Waterman, has been shot and killed while on national tour just months before the election. The Democratic Party is thrown into an uproar, with allegations of Republican and Communist conspiracy theories abounding. Arthur Crawford, the prime suspect, is a poor, illiterate transient. Under arrest and awaiting arraignment, he declines to answer questions about his part in the shooting, or to give any details of personal history. Despite attempts to verify his identity through photos and fingerprints, Arthur Crawford’s past remains as much a secret as his reason for shooting a man he claims to have held in high esteem. Margaret Buchanan, daughter of southern gentility, is determined to make her way in the male-dominated world of newspapers, and accepts a position with the Rocky Mountain News in Denver on the society column. Her inquisitive nose picks up a rumor that someone is gunning for the city’s most famous prisoner in its most notorious case — the man on trial for killing the darling of the Democratic Party. Margaret’s source tells her a cop is going to be the shooter, and she learns the shooting will take place in the courthouse in three days. Trevor McGonigle, a man haunted by the past and the present, has been recently promoted to Detective, and is assigned as bodyguard to Crawford for his transfer from the city jail to the courthouse to be arraigned. When Crawford is shot in broad daylight on his way to court, Margaret tells what she thinks she knows in a read-between-the-lines OpEd piece endorsed by her editor-in-chief, a man determined to sell copies of the paper. Calvin Diamond, the District Attorney, is out to make a name for himself by getting convictions, no matter what the cost, and sets out to create an elaborate web of evidence to prove McGonigle guilty of the shooting. McGonigle’s investigation unearths a conspiracy that threatens to undermine the economy of the United States — and leads back to one of the most influential families in the country: Paper money is the easiest to counterfeit, and one family controls the supply of paper to the US Mint. McGonigle must convince not only the whole country he is innocent, but more importantly, he must prove himself to Margaret, who has stolen a piece of his heart with her feisty charm and never-give-up spirit. How can he convince her of his loyalty to his country, his badge, and her?

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